Residence of foreign citizens in the Republic of Serbia

The residence of foreign citizens in the Republic of Serbia is governed by the Law on Foreign Citizens (“RS Gazette”, No. 97/2008) (hereinafter referred to as the “Law”).

The law provides for three types of residence: (1) The residence period does not exceed 90 days; (2) Temporary residence; (3) Permanent residence.

For a residency of up to 90 days

(Regardless of whether they hold a visa), foreign citizens do not need to obtain any approval from the Ministry of the Interior (hereinafter referred to as “MOIA” or “competent authority”), and they are responsible for matters related to the right of abode. Foreign citizens of the Republic of Serbia.

Regardless of whether MOIA’s approval is required, legal and natural persons providing accommodation services to foreign citizens, as well as persons receiving visits from foreign citizens, must notify the competent authority of the foreign citizen’s residence time within 24 hours at the port of entry. The moment the foreign citizen visits. Foreign citizens who do not use the above-mentioned accommodation services are obliged to notify the competent authority of their residence or change of residence within 24 hours after arriving at the temporary residence or from the date of change of residence. Appropriate temporary housing.

Temporary Residence (MOIA)

A foreign citizen can be approved to submit to a foreign citizen for a period of more than 90 days, a period of up to one year and a foreign citizen who can extend the same period. The foreign citizen provides the following evidence: (I) he/she has sufficient financial capacity, (II ) He/she has sufficient financial capacity, (II) She/she has health insurance, (III) The reason for his/her temporary stay is reasonable and meets the purpose of temporary stay mentioned in the law (work, employment, Engage in economic or other professional activities, education, scientific research, practical training, participate in international student exchange programs and/or other scientific/educational activities, rejoin the family). In the case of extending the period of temporary residence, foreign citizens must apply to the competent authorities at least 30 days before the expiration of the period of temporary residence. The temporary residence permit should be recorded in the travel document of the foreign citizen. The validity period of the travel document must be at least six months longer than the issuance period of the permit.

Permanent residency

Foreign citizens can be allowed (one of the following conditions): (I) have lived in the Republic of Serbia under a temporary residence permit for at least five years before obtaining a permanent residence permit; (II) have been a citizen of the Republic of Serbia or have permanent residency rights Foreign nationals have been married for at least three years; (III) minors temporarily residing in the Republic of Serbia, one of whose parents is a citizen of the Republic of Serbia or a foreign citizen with permanent residency with the consent of the other parent; (IV) with Serbia People who have ancestral contacts on the territory of the Republic; (V) People who have obtained a temporary residence permit for humanitarian reasons or for the benefit of the Republic of Serbia.

For the above-mentioned types of residences that need to be approved, the applicant must provide certain documents as the basis for the requirements, which vary according to the requirements, such as company registration certificates and business confirmations. A turnover bank established to establish a legal entity, branch or bank.

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