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Belgrade has a well-developed public transportation network consisting of buses, trolleybuses, trams and trains. The network covers 4 areas, but if you are going to the suburbs, you will most likely only use area 1 for the city center and possibly area 2 for the area. The other two areas are the suburbs far from Belgrade.

Public transportation around Belgrade has the same unified ticketing system. Although trains and some private bus companies work differently, the unified and convenient ticketing system makes it more convenient.

Buses, trams and trolleybuses
There are 176 bus lines (27 night lines), 12 tram lines and 8 trolleybus lines. Buses, trams and trolleybuses operate daily from 4 am to 12.00 pm. After this time, there will be a night bus service, but the night route is different from the daytime route and the driving frequency is also lower.

These public networks operate through the BusPlus system.

There is also a high-speed dedicated minibus network, which is expensive, but because there are fewer stations, it is also more comfortable and faster. You can only buy a ticket from the driver at a price of 145 dinars. Minibuses are closed in the evening, Sundays and bank holidays.

Routes with the “E” prefix are not part of the BusPlus system, and tickets can also be purchased directly from the driver (eg Airport A1 route).

Belgrade Cruise
Bus stops and tram stops do not have electronic panels to display lines and frequencies. Most stations have a map showing the route of the route that stops there.

However, in order to inform you of the waiting time, a new information system is being developed:

From Serbian phone, dial 011 XX# (XX is the station number on the information panel). This text is free.
You will receive an instant SMS with the following format:
Lines 7-3 (10); 9 (22) (3 stops for the first tram in 10 minutes; 9 stops for the next train in 22 minutes)
Take a look at the following application, where you can view information such as the route you need to take, the nearest stop, travel time and fare:

The Easy Way to Belgrade
Plan Plus (only for Serbian, but really accurate time schedule and beautiful street map)
Ticketing system BUSPLUS
BusPlus is a modern public transportation electronic ticketing control system implemented in 2012. The system follows the same principles as Oyster from London. It contains an electronic smart card that you can recharge and verify in the reader device next to the car door.

The BusPlus smart card can be used for all public transportation services in the Belgrade area, such as trams, trolleybuses, buses, and Belgrade trains (BG voz). You can recharge these cards at most of the self-service terminals or newsstands in the city, and the validity period is 3 years.

card type
There are different types of cards and different types of tickets. Card types: personalized, non-personalized, paper card and electronic ticket. And different ticket types: single ticket, 90-minute time ticket, 1-day, 3-day or 5-day ticket and group ticket.

Ordinary BusPlus Card
This is the most common card. This is a “pay as you go” plastic smart card that only costs 250 dinars, plus the money you decide to top up. It can be used as a time ticket, allowing you to switch between routes and different public transportation as many times as you need within 90 minutes. The time ticket price for time zones 1 and 2 is 89 dinars, zone 3 is 179 dinars, and zone 4 is 269 dinars.

You can use this smart card for a group of people, or you can purchase additional cards. During the verification process, you can select the option “GRUPA” (group), select the required number of people, and then verify the card. The system will charge the total amount for the selected number of people.

Paper BusPlus Card
This option is great if you want to stay in the city for a few days or some friends are coming in a short time. Paper smart cards can only be charged once during a 1-day, 3-day or 5-day journey around Belgrade.

The card is valid from the time the self-service kiosk starts charging, and becomes invalid at the end of the required ticket purchase period. When you enter the vehicle, you must verify the card, and the card reader will register it and display the ticket information.

Personalized BusPlus card
This is a prepaid card that contains personal information and a photo of the owner. It cannot be transferred to a third party. Depending on the amount of recharge, it will be valid for 15 days or a whole month. You can use it for unlimited rides during the day service.

If you want to get one of these cards, you can find a list of where they sell the card on the BusBu web here. You will need to bring the following documents:

Confirm residential address (white card or bela karte)
Copy and original passport
Charge 250 dinars
a photo
Public transportation control
Ticketing controls for public transportation are very frequent and fines can be expensive. The controller wears normal clothes and hides his equipment in the bag, so you never know who the controller or ordinary passenger is.

Once they enter the vehicle, they will block the card reader, making it impossible for passengers to verify their card later.

The controller uses a special portable device to read the information of each card: if it has been verified, it shows which station and the number and amount of people charged from the card.

If you do not have a ticket and want to continue traveling, you will have to pay a fine of 2.000 dinars. Otherwise, the controller will give you a higher fine, which must be paid within 15 days, and you need to get off at the first station. Your BusPlus card will also be blacklisted.

Parking in Belgrade
Just like in other capitals or big cities, finding parking spaces in Belgrade can be tricky. Especially during working hours, but compared to other European capitals, you can always find affordable garages around the city center.

Belgrade is divided into 3 different areas with 25,000 on-street parking spaces. Free parking service hours are provided from Monday to Friday 7-21h, Saturday 7-14h and Sunday.

Red Zone (Zone 1) – 60 minutes
Yellow Zone (Second Zone) – 120 minutes
Green Zone (3rd place)-180 minutes
After the parking time expires, the vehicle cannot be parked in the same area mentioned above for the next 30 minutes.

Blue area: an area with no time limit. It can be paid by hourly or multi-hour parking tickets. Monday to Friday 8-21h, Saturday 8-14h.
Traditional parking tickets can be purchased at kiosks throughout the city. The arrival time should be written on the ticket and should be shown on the windshield.

It is also possible to send text messages in the following ways: SMS including vehicle registration number (such as BG123456 with no spaces in between) is sent from the red area to 9111, the yellow area 9112, the green area 9113 and the blue area 9119 mobile network.

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