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Belgrade is not the only place in Serbia where you can find a co-working place. Almost every major city has its own space, and some small towns and even villages are adopting this new model to protect digital nomads and modern technological working methods.


Traveling north, one hour from Belgrade, you will reach Novi Sad. The second largest Serbian city is known for its architectural history of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, peaceful lifestyle, strong cultural heritage, hedonism and famous summer festival outlets.

Its high-tech industry is the same size as Belgrade’s, although it is “four times smaller in size than the Serbian capital S. Novi Sad’s cooperation is becoming a new trend, and the city is Gradually see in the center how to integrate new former Yugoslav architecture with bold design and new infrastructure.


Address: MiroslavaAntića4 //Website: Facebook profile: Startit Centar Novi Sad

Officially opened in November 2016, just a year after its brother Belgrade, the new Startit Centar in Novi Sad is more attractive than the capital. It covers an area of ​​more than 1.300 square meters, is divided into three levels, and is surrounded by a large garden, which is sure to be very popular in summer.

It has 20 seats on the ground floor, which can accommodate colleagues and two meeting rooms, a spacious meeting room in the basement, which can accommodate 200 people, and a coffee shop and 8 office spaces on the top floor. Fully equipped kitchen with lounging space, all rooms are surrounded by ample windows.

It is planned to launch a plan of technology and entrepreneurship-related activities, seminars and gatherings in the first quarter of this year, which will cover various topics. Most events will be open to everyone.

In this place, you will find the first computer museum in Serbia and the first non-smoking bar in Novi Sad. The bar will offer a variety of beers and coffees.

Startit Centar is located in the city centre, less than a 10-minute walk from Freedom Square, the city’s main tourist attraction.

POSLOVNI dipping machine

Address: Vojvođanskihbrigada 28 //Website:

As the name suggests, this is an incubator for entrepreneurial companies seeking accelerators. With 800 square meters of facilities in the center of Novi Sad, the space has 25 different offices, a meeting room, 2 meeting rooms, 2 fully equipped kitchens and relaxation areas. The team has participated in multiple projects including communications, information, new technologies, and creative industries. If you want to provide guidance and suggestions for your new ideas, please don’t miss this place.


When you travel in southern Serbia, you will reach Niš, the country’s third largest city and one of the oldest cities in the Balkans. Niš has always been considered the gateway between the east and the west of Europe and has been under the rule of the Ottoman Empire for hundreds of years. The city has inherited many aspects of this ancient culture, and today it is widely known among the Serbs for having the best barbecue in the area.

In addition to history, it also has a strong electronics industry, and the latest cooperation space is taking advantage of it.


Address: Davidova 2A //Website:

Located in the city center, very close to the river, Deli is a new type of incubator where creative professionals can work, share knowledge and meet together. The newly renovated office, equipped with good masters, can provide help for the early development of young companies. They will also travel in the Balkans, participate in other creative activities, and provide you with access to the Internet.

Deli’s team is renting space to the best applicants in the creative industry, but everyone is welcome to participate in their many events throughout the year.


Address: Svetozara Markovića 8 //Website:

Tilda is also in the city center, providing a co-working space at a very affordable price per month. The space has projectors, meeting rooms, printers, its own lockers and a fully equipped kitchen.

Run by freelance programmers, this is a very popular space for technical cooperation. You will have your own desk, but there are other free spaces around the site for you to use. For new members, the first week is free, so make sure to book as soon as possible!


In the highest western corner of northern Serbia, you can find the town of Sombor. Also known for its Austro-Hungarian traditions and people from all surrounding countries, it is Hungarian, the largest population after Serbs.

This small place with truly picturesque architecture and folklore atmosphere opened its first co-working space in Fabrika in January 2017.


Address: Venac Radomira Putnika 1 //Website:

Fabrika is a new project created by a group of young professionals who are full of ambition and optimism, awakening the local community through seminars, lectures and exciting activities. They are also social accelerators, and they hope to collaborate with young local entrepreneurs through their projects and co-working spaces, ready to welcome digital nomads.

The prices for renting a table and living in town are very affordable, and the team prepared a good guide explaining the impact of life in Sombor on immigrants. Definitely worth a visit!


Now moving to the east corner on the opposite side and bordering Romania, Mokrin is the largest village in Chinda province. This intimate location is the place chosen by a young, ambitious and dynamic professional team, aiming to create a rural oasis for freelancers, digital nomads and entrepreneurs.

Moklin House

Address: Svetog Save 25 //Website:

The difference between Mokrin House and other co-working spaces is that you can also live together here. Excellent, elegant and homely design, you will absolutely love this place. You can work with peace of mind, charge the battery on movie nights, and take amazing walks around. It is no wonder why Mokrin House won the 2016 Best Cooperative Office Space in Serbia awarded by the China-Europe Startup Award.

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