Start your LLC Company in Serbia

After the disintegration of Latvia and Cyprus, and keeping in mind the problems of the Maltese and UAE banking systems, many Eastern clients had to find a business-friendly environment with a flexible banking system and a globally acceptable corporate structure.

In addition to the high-quality banking services provided by the world’s top banks, customers can also use 64 double taxation agreements signed by Serbia. As Serbia plans to join the European Union, customers can easily become Serbian residents. In the next few years, this residence will become an EU residence with Schengen Pass.

Customers can trade in different currencies, such as Euro, US Dollar, Ruble, Renminbi, TKR and many other currencies. There are no restrictions on the owner of your new Serbian company. It can be your old offshore company, your trust company or any other entity. The most important thing about this structure is that the bank is completely acceptable.

We know that developments are changing with each passing day. Our international experience in the banking industry in Switzerland, Andorra, Russia and a full understanding of the past activities in Latvia, Cyprus, and Malta tell us that this business opportunity will not last forever, but once the customer Joining him will be a safe haven for a long time. Don’t miss the opportunity and enter.

The 7 most important reasons to set up a company in Serbia.

  1. It only takes 15 days to get company and bank accounts.
  2. Low maintenance costs, starting from 100 Euros per month
  3. Ideal choice for international trade and international business optimization
  4. Non-residents can be owners and directors
  5. Low-risk and most popular structure for banks
  6. Remote program
  7. Appropriate taxation is 15%, avoiding more than 64 double taxation agreements.
    The offer includes:
  8. Analyze future company activities, and choose the most convenient bank, and provide preliminary information and get confirmation from the accountant;
  9. Prepare a POA that needs to be signed and certified by future shareholders,
  10. Prepare company documents for the company,
  11. The employment of a lawyer, the lawyer will certify company documents according to POA,
  12. Notarization and registration fees,
  13. The participation of lawyers and assistants in the bank account opening process,
  14. Apply for online banking equipment,
  15. Register before the State Administration of Taxation,
  16. Two-page translation (POA) included in the price (passport and proof of address need not be translated),
  17. The price includes value-added tax.

We can provide temporary directors to open an account (included in the price), but once the company starts operating, the account director must visit Serbia for one working day to identify himself before the bank. In addition, we can provide nominated services, but they need to be priced separately. Starting in early June, the director must visit Serbia at least once.

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Serbia, EU candidate country ranked second

One month express immigration to Serbia
The cost is only 4000 Euros.

1 Company establishment + work permit
1 or real estate transfer
2 D Visa Application
3 Application for Temporary Residence
4 Driver's License Application
5 Bank Account Opening

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