Serbia immigration – company establishment and post-service

Generally speaking, foreign or local investors in Serbia can use (a) a joint stock company (Serbian abbreviation: “ad”), (b) a limited liability company (“doo”), (c) a limited partnership (“kd”). “) and (d) general partnership (“od”). For this, the most common type of company is a limited liability company (LLC), which only needs to be registered with RSD 100.

In addition, entrepreneurs, representative offices, branches, and business associations are also regarded as enterprises and are usually subject to different laws and tax systems.

For example, a limited liability company is considered to be an independent legal entity with full legal capacity and can independently engage in commercial activities. Therefore, the limited liability company must fully comply with local regulatory requirements. The setup process usually takes about 5 to 10 days (from the date of receipt of the complete document) and involves the following main steps: (I) Register with the Serbian Business Registration Agency (SBRA)-obtain an ID number and tax ID number; ( II) Register with a local bank, that is, open a bank account; (III) Register a limited liability company with the tax bureau-register CPT and value-added tax.

After the company is fully registered, our lawyers will assist clients in providing post-services, such as preparations and/or other related agreements, standard contracts for the purchase/provision of goods and services, and purchase of new or additional property and equipment for the company. Commercial behavior and so on.

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