Serbian immigration – tax policy

In the past few years, Serbia’s tax policy has two seemingly opposite trends: trying to create a tax environment that is conducive and attracting new investment, and the urgent need to strengthen the deteriorating fiscal discipline of Serbian businesses and individuals. As a result, tax laws and regulations change frequently, and tax audits are now commonplace and often very strict. In this environment, in terms of the tax impact of any given transaction, reasonable and practical tax advice is essential to reduce tax liability, while also protecting companies from fines and even criminal liabilities that may result from conventional tax controls.

We are proud of having excellent tax lawyers who can provide a full range of tax services from tax planning, tax compliance, tax due diligence to tax litigation. We provide consulting services for clients in all tax fields including Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina. When providing tax advice, we have adopted a multidisciplinary approach that combines taxation and legal expertise in order to provide cost-effective and legal advice.

Our tax advisory services cover:
-Tax impact of all types of business activities
-M&A taxation, including tax due diligence, tax optimization of the acquisition structure and post-acquisition tax restructuring
-Real estate taxation, including investment, property tax, disposal of property and capital gains, and rental income tax
-Taxation of financing projects, including general loans, project financing, taxation of financial instruments and derivatives, and taxation of financial service providers
-Payroll taxes, including analysis and optimization of labor-related tax costs, tax impacts on employee stock option plans, etc.
. -Tax status and tax responsibilities of foreign citizens, optimize their global taxation and comply with Serbia’s tax obligations;
-Tax disputes, including administrative disputes, and defenses related to tax avoidance in criminal proceedings;
-Personal income tax, including inheritance tax and gift tax, property tax, personal income tax structure and personal income investment tax structure.

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