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Looking for a job in Belgrade? It is difficult to know where to start, but fortunately there are many job portals in Serbia that list all opportunities in the capital and beyond.

The following sites are updated weekly. They have job openings in many industries, and they also display information about employers. For most people, you will need to register, then you can upload your resume, select the required conditions, the type of industry you are looking for, etc.

General job

Balkan job seeker Nadji Posao National Employment Service Ogledalo Firme Poslovi Poslovi Infostud Servis

IT work

Glassdoor Hello World Startit Poslovi

Other organizations with employer information

Serbian Outsourcing Center Serbian RAS Development Agency

Recruitment company

In addition to directly applying for a job, it is also a good idea to check Serbia’s recruitment services. Agents usually have different employer-client databases and can help you find the employer and position that best suits your skills and needs. Some of them provide free advice and services, but others may require a monthly fee. Adecco Serbia Dekra Global Recruitment Service Gi Group Hill International Human Resources Solutions Human Resources Serbia Naton Human Resources Global Employees

Serbia International Corporation

In recent years, Serbia has attracted some big names. Therefore, here is a list of internationally renowned companies with branches in Belgrade and surrounding areas. Bosch, Carlsberg, Greek Coca-Cola, Deloitte, DHL, Fiat, Henkel, IKEA, L’Oreal, Nestle, Procter & Gamble, Strauss Group-Adriatic, etc.

We also hope to include local startups from Serbia’s technology start-ups, gaming industry, IT field, or specializing in outsourcing and new technologies, which have been recruiting foreign talents for the growing team. 3Lateral, Brasidas, Chain Media, COFA Game, Apex, Fishing Booker, GoDaddy, Crazy Head Game, Microsoft Development Center Serbia, Namics, Nordeus, Seven Bridges, Tradecore, Two Desperadoes, Yu Bi, VFX Serbia, zero gravity games, etc.

Some embassies also list their domestic companies in Belgrade and surrounding areas, such as Sweden abroad.

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